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" I cannot speak highly enough of the work you've done and everyone I've shown says the same. Your direction and words of encouragement have made me feel re-invigorated and more inspired than ever to pursue my dream. "
Lauren Grimson

why a showreel?

If you are looking for an agent, need to upgrade your current one, or simply want to show casting agents what you can do, you will need a showreel that truly showcases your talent.

If you don't have existing material (TV, feature & short films, etc) or the material you do have doesn't quite get there in terms of performance or personal coverage, you'll very likely want to shoot scenes for this.

the courses

We run one-day and two-day (depending on number of actors) intensive showreel courses for actors who need a starter showreel. As part of the course, each actor will shoot a 2-hander scene and a monolgue scene.

Selected 2-hander scenes will be shared by two actors, so in a group of six actors we will need to select three 2-hander scenes, with equal roles. Actor combinations will be determined during the scene selection process.

Actors will be directed step-by-step through the stages of preparation essential to nailing their chosen scenes. We will work scenes hard, finding peak levels of interpretation and performance.

The number of actors per session will be limited to six only, thereby allowing optimum time for actors to finesse their journey to final performance. If there are only 2 actors in any given session, the one-day course scenario is a recommended option (see below).

course outline

Day 1 - workshop scenes
1/ select / discuss appropriate scenes.
2/ analyse and workshop (on camera) selected material in terms of character background and journey through the scene.
3/ go away and learn lines.

Day 2 - shoot scenes
1/ rehearse and block the scenes.
2/shoot the scenes reviewing and reshooting as required.

NB : If there are only 2 actors in a given session, they will have the option to chose the one-day course - rehearsing & workshopping in the morning, then shooting 2 scenes in the afternoon (see special one-day course price below).

package checklist

one day studio session analysing and workshopping scenes
one day shoot of 2-hander and monologue scenes
edit scenes into showreel with captions, music and sound affects.
authored DVD copy of showreel
web-compatible files for Showcast, etc

free upload to Showcast & etc
free profile-page on our website

prices on request 0434971652

and finally

Please feel free to call Barry on 0434 971 652 to discuss any of the above in person.

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