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We edit and produce showreels that present a concise and dramatic overview of your work,
including scenes from feature & short films, TV drama & commercials, corporate, documentary, even stage.

step 1 Carefully review all your material making a note of scenes that you feel show you at your best in terms of performance and look.

If you can, record the time-code numbers (where the scene starts and finishes) for your selected scenes - this can save time and frustration on the day. Below is a typical YouTube player with the timecode panel red-outlined. All players have some form of timecode panel, usually at the bottom, on the left or right-hand side. In this case, the left-hand number set (00:8) is the one to watch. The right set (3:05) represents the full duration of the reel.


You can select more than one scene from a production. The scenes can then be edited into a trailer-style sequence presenting your character's storyline in a concise & dramatic form (see showreel below) - this can be particularly useful if you don't have a large selection of material for your showreel.

In this regard, any SCENES SHOT & EDITED by Showreels4actors would of course also be included.

Three minutes is the recommended average duration for a showreel and three minutes is not hard to fill, even with as little as two projects to work from. Five minutes is the absolute maximum but don't go there unless you've got lots of amazing material, and even then try not to go there - managing agents, casting directors & producers often won't have the time or inclination to go the distance.

step 2 You come to the office and we review all your appropriate material. If there's extra footage that you like but you're not sure about, we can have a look and discuss. Once we've decided what material we want to use, we draft a rough order of the final selection.

If you live interstate you can simply send your material by post, along with a note outlining the scenes you would like to use, and I will edit a draft and post it on our Youtube channel, as per step 3 below.

step 3 I go away and edit a first draft of your showreel which I then upload to an unlisted page on our YouTube channel (only those with a URL can see it) and send you a LINK. After viewing the drafted showreel you let me know your thoughts. If you're happy with the cut all well and good. If not, we discuss the changes you would like to make. I then edit a second draft. You view this and either lock it down or request a third and final edit.

step 4 I email the final draft of your showreel to Showcast and/or Casting Networks, if you request it. Normally we can get your reel up and running on these sites within 24 hours.

step 5 Either you pick up or I can post any hardcopy media you have supplied for the edit.

the finished item

For examples of showreels that we have edited & produced go to our EDITED SHOWREELS PAGE.

industry advice

As part of the service, and with over 25 years of experience in the industry, we can also advise newer actors (and not-so-new ) about which agents to go for (and which ones to avoid!) what's happening in the industry at any given time, how to go about getting auditions, how the TV and Film casting process works - anything in fact that actors need to know to advance themselves in this tough profession.

and finally

Please feel free to call Barry on 0434 971 652 discuss any of the above in person.