headshots the shoot

hair and makeup

Basically your photograph needs to look like you, on a good day. Casting agents won't be too impressed if the actor they call to a casting session doesn't look like their photograph, so you'll want to keep your make-up looking natural and hair pretty much the way you'd normally wear it.

We always recommend that how you would present yourself at an average casting session is the level to aim for. Best thing is to come along ready to go, but bring your makeup with you to fine tune. And we'll always have a little powder at the ready, just in case you forget your own.

what to wear

We'll ask you to bring along a small (min 3) selection of tops. For the men it's either a tee-shirt or a collared shirt, though I do tend to favour the tee-shirt for simplicity's sake.

For women we suggest simple tops; singlet style is good as it doesn't clutter the neckline. Remember, casting agents and their clients want to see your face not your wardrobe. Mid to dark tones are preferable.

how long does it take

The session normally takes about an hour, factoring in a bit of time to relax and feel comfortable. We'll shoot up to 60 shots, reviewing as we go, so rest assured we'll cover all the bases. If you've never had headshots done before don't worry, I will pretty much direct your moves throughout the shoot. Not at the expense of spontaneity, however - if you have a natural way in front of camera I will more than happily go with it.

what happens after

Basically it's all done by email from this point. We process the photographs and send you JPEG proof-sheets of these. You and/or your agent select 2 shots which we then photoshop and send you JPEG copies for final checks.

and finally

Please feel free to call Barry on 0434 971 652 to discuss any of the above in person.